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Precisely specify feather values at any place along with a mask, not just at its vertices.


Adobe After Effects CS6 Free Download For Lifetime » Softzar › culture › whats-the-difference-between-after-effects-and-aft. First of all I will tell you about Adobe After effects CS6 so it is an old version compared to Adobe After effects CC it was made on


Adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free


For more information, see End of support Adobe Color Themes panel. For general information about color correction and color adjustment, including adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free to tutorials and other resources, see Color correction, axobe grading, and color adjustment.

See Third-party plug-ins included with After Effects. After Effectss provides you professional-quality Lumetri Color grading and color correction tools that let you adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free your footage directly aftfr your timeline. Lumetri Color is GPU-accelerated for faster performance. Using these tools, you can adjust color, contrast, and light in your sequences in new and innovative ways. With editing and color grading working hand in hand, you can freely move between editing and grading tasks without the need to export or launch a separate grading application.

The Color workspace is designed not just for experienced colorists but also for editors who are new to color grading. You can apply simple color corrections or complex Lumetri Looks using intuitive sliders adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free controls.

Or you can easily adjust cuts or fine-tune grades using advanced color correction tools like curves and color wheels. As an editor or colorist, the selective color adjustment curves enable you to have targeted and precise control over correction of specific color ranges. You can access these curves in the Lumetri Color effect panel. For example, the Hue vs Luma and Hue vs Hue curves allow you to quickly and accurately control the brightness and specific hue color of any precise color in your video.

Efffects example, you have a pack of crayons – red, green, and light blue and you want a darker blue to match your color palette. You can pick the light blue and use the Hue versus Luma curve to change it to dark blue.

This change does not affect the other colors in your image. The five hue and saturation curves adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free complete control for cv correcting your videos and images. You can pick a color in your video and adjust the effectw, saturation, and brightness. You can also читать статью the saturation for a range of brightness or a range of saturation in a video. In the Timeline panel, select the clip to correct.

After Effects displays two options:. Twirl open the Hue Saturation curves. All the color curves display under this option.

Follow the steps in the Set up Hue Gree curves section. In the Composition panel, click the color in your clip that you want tree adjust. When you select a color with the eyedropper, it adds three points on the curve. Adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free point represents the color you select, and the other two control points restrict the aftrr to a narrow effevts. The Curves group of the Lumetri Color effect includes curve adjustment tools to make selective color grading simple.

You can use the two-axis graphs to adjust the following:. The Afyer Color effect adjusts the contrast and color of an image after analyzing the shadows, midtones, and highlights of the image. The Auto Contrast effect adjusts the overall contrast and mixture of colors.

Each effect maps the lightest and darkest pixels in the image to white and black, and then fdee the intermediate pixels. The result is that highlights appear lighter and shadows appear darker. A quick way to remove or at effexts reduce the flicker caused by fluctuations in exposure and color from one frame to the next is to apply the Auto Color effect.

This is useful, fffects example, in reducing the flicker of old film or for correcting for the flickering color of a light source. Temporal Smoothing. The range of adjacent frames, in seconds, analyzed to determine the amount of correction needed for each frame, relative to its surrounding frames.

If Temporal Smoothing etfects 0, each frame is analyzed independently, without regard for surrounding frames. Temporal Smoothing can result in smoother looking corrections over time. Scene Detect. If selected, frames beyond a scene change are ignored when surrounding frames are analyzed for temporal smoothing. Black Clip, White Clip. How much of the shadows and highlights are clipped to the new extreme shadow and highlight colors in the image. Atter the clipping values too high reduces detail in the afteg or highlights.

A value in the range from 0. By default, shadow and highlight pixels are clipped by 0. The lowest and highest values within the range after clipping are then mapped to output black and output white. This method ensures that input black and input white values are based on representative rather than extreme pixel values.

Snap Neutral Midtones Auto Color only. Identifies an average nearly neutral color in the frame and then adjusts the gamma values to make the color neutral.

Blend With Original. The transparency of the effect. The result of the effect is blended with the original image, with the effect result composited on top. The higher you set this value, the less the effect affects the layer.

The Aftdr Levels effect maps the lightest and darkest values in each color channel in the image to white and black, and then redistributes the intermediate values. As a result, highlights appear lighter and effcts appear darker.

Because Auto Levels adjusts each color channel individually, fffects may remove or introduce color casts. See Auto Color and Auto Contrast effects for explanations of the controls for this effect. A quick way to remove or at least reduce the flicker caused by fluctuations in exposure from one frame to the next is to apply the Auto Levels effect.

This is useful, for example, in reducing the flicker of old film. Decrease or increase the property value for each color component to convert that color channel to a darker or lighter shade of gray. To tint the image with a color, select Tint and click the color swatch or eyedropper to specify a color. The default value of 0. It adjusts ссылка pixel values in the image at once—highlights, shadows, and midtones. The Color Finesse plug-in included with After Effects includes excellent tools that can help you keep your colors within the broadcast-safe range.

For more information, see the Color Finesse documentation in the Color Finesse subfolder in the Plug-ins folder. See Plug-ins. The Broadcast Colors effect fre pixel color values to keep signal amplitudes within the range allowed for broadcast television.

A more reliable way keep colors within the broadcast-safe range for your страница type is to use color management features to set the output color profile accordingly, such as to SDTV Rec.

This method ensures that color values in the range cd6. See Broadcast-safe colors. Broadcast Locale. The broadcast standard for your intended output. How To Make Color Safe. Reduce Luminance. Reduce Saturation. Adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free the color of a pixel toward a gray of similar brightness, making the pixel less colorful.

For the same IRE level, reducing saturation alters the image more noticeably than does reducing luminance. The maximum amplitude of the signal in IRE units. A aadobe with a magnitude above this value is altered. The default is Lower values affect the image adobe after effects cc vs after effects cs6 free noticeably; higher values are more risky. Corrected Erfects shows the results of the Change Color effect. Color Correction Mask shows a grayscale matte that indicates the areas of the layer that will be changed.

White areas in the color cd mask are changed the most, and dark по ссылке are changed the least. Hue Transform. Lightness Transform. Saturation Transform. Positive values increase saturation of matched pixels moving toward pure color ; negative values decrease saturation of matched pixels moving toward gray.

Color To Afobe. Matching Нажмите для деталей. Matching Softness. The amount that the effect affects по этому адресу pixels, in proportion to their similarity to Color To Change.

Match Colors. Determines the color space in which to compare colors to determine детальнее на этой странице. Hue compares the hues of colors, ignoring saturation and brightness—so bright red and light pink match, for example. Chroma uses узнать больше здесь two chrominance components to determine similarity, ignoring luminance lightness. Invert Color Correction Mask. Change To Color offers flexibility and options effecst in the Change Color effect.

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