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Game Boxing PC – dengan tampilan grafis berkelas dan gameplay yang mantap. Siap pukul-memukul menjadi satru. Bicara tentang game memang sangat banyak beritanya baik yang seru, genre terbaru, gameplay game tinju pc, grafis tinggi, grafis jelek dan lain-lain, tapi itu semua kayak gak ada bosan-bosanya untuk selalu mengulas berbagai informasi dari dunia game ini.

Karena dunia game selalu memberi kamu update an game-game baik yang sudah lawas game tinju pc yang baru akan selalu menemani hari-harimu penuh dengan game dan permainan yang seru dan sangat menantang. Salah satu genre yang cukup lawas adalah game tinju pc fight, dan cabanya yakni boxing atau tinju. Real boxing pc, real boxing pc download, game boxing pc terbaik, fight night pc, game boxing ps4, game tinju ps2, fight night champion pc, download game fight night champion pc. Tentunya dengan gameplay dan tampilan grafis yang mantap dan beberapa источник menghadirkan suasana yang ralistis.

Cocok buat kamu yang suka dengan tinju. Rasakan keseruan yang dapat kamu temukan di Creed: Rise to Glory dengan grafis sinematik yang sangat memukau dan memanjakan.

Di game ini kamu akan bersaing hebat dengan petinju kelas dunia teratas. Kamu akan memainkan game ini dalam pengalaman tinju VR yang intens dan tentunya akan menghadirkan suasana yang lebih nyata kayak tinju beneran. Ini merupakan game dengan paket lengkap, karena selain tinju kamu akan menemukan gaya fight lainnya seperti gaya karate dan kungfu. Game Kungfu PC Terbaik. Seluruh mode alur cerita menceritakan semua harus melawan para gangster di kota, dengan menerapkan gaya bertarung ala tinju para shaolin kung fu.

Misi utama di game game tinju pc adalah memberantas berandalan kota yang jahat dan kejam. Kamu akan terus bermain, bertarung dan bertarung. CFC merupakan salah satu game boxing-fighting yang di kembangkan untuk platform PC saja, unsur utama dalam game ini посетить страницу источник kamu harus bertarung game tinju pc di bawah peraturan tinju dunia profesional yang ada di dunia nyata.

Game ini gak jauh beda dengan game tinju lainnya dimana kamu akan puas dengan pertarunga yang disediakan. Tampilan game ini cukup bagus hanya saja kontrol permianannya terkesan gitu-gitu aja. Temukan dan tunjukan relitas dalam game ini yang mengabungkan unsur permainan 2D dan video. Pertahankan penampilan asli kamu dan game tinju pc petinju sungguhan yang akan memberi kamu potongan-potangan video kamu saat что pdf expert para ubuntu free download присоединяюсь. Tampilan game ini cukup bagus dan untuk gameplay gak jauh beda dengan permainan tinju game tinju pc.

Untuk kontrolnya juga gak jauh beda dan terkesan monoton. Game tinju ini memiliki fitur yang cukup lengkap. Нажмите для продолжения dengan fitur power pukulan, gerakan finishing atau penyelesaian, combo bloc atau counter.

Selain itu kamu juga bisa membawa perisasi, senjata, dan alat sebagainya. Kamu dapat melihat setiap fitur tersebut dapat ditingkatkan sesuai dengan tingkatan level permainan.

Menariknya lagi kamu dapat bermain di beberapa mode seperti PvP, Kampanye, multiplayer dan mode-mode lain yang ada. Merupakan game manajemen tinju taipan yang sangat baik dan jelas visi game tinju pc misi gamenya, bagaimana cara kamu agar dapat sampai pada tingkatan manajemen tinju taipan tertinggi. Di game ini menyediakan pilihan yang unik, apa dengan cara yang sah atau cara game tinju pc Yang bikin game ini menarik juga adalah dengan alur cerita yang seru dan bikin penasaran membuat game ini sangat menarik untuk di coba.

Ini merupakan sebuah game trainning dan menghafal yang sangat baik dimana kamu harus menekan tombol bantalan dalam sebuah urutan yang mana itu akan berubah setiap kombinasi jika sudah 10 boot manager 3 putaran. Bersiaplah kamu dalam game ini, karena super punchmu akan di adu dengan pemain lain yang akan terjadi di setiap permainan ini, yang di bungkus dengan grafis permainan arcade yang menarik. Meski permainan ini sederhana namun cukup seru dan cocok untuk mengisi waktu luang.

Merupakan suatu permainan yang mengabungkan unsur musik dan boxing menjadi satu, nanti dimana akan menghasilkan sebuah suara pukulan yang berirama dan sangat menarik untuk di dengarkan oleh para pemain game ini. Game ini merupakan sebuah game yang mana terinspirasi dari ‘Pinch-Out’ seperti kamu membaca novel grafis. Game ini buat orang yang suka akan dengan misteri dan ingin bermain dengan suatu pengalaman berbeda.

Game Open World PC. Itulah sobat Mimin beberapa rivew ulasan game boxing PC terbaik yang ada, gimana dengan kamu? Ada banyak rekomendasi yang bisa kamu temukan di Areafokus. Slam tinju, see you next time.

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Steam is learning about this game. Languages :. English and 4 more. Publisher: Steel City Interactive. Share Embed. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. What the developers have to say:. Why Early Access? This mammoth project has professional boxers and institutions involved in the actual development of the title. We have developed what we feel is the most realistic looking movement system within a boxing game, and are looking to enhance this and other gameplay mechanics further.

We ask for your honest feedback and would like to incorporate your ideas and suggestions into the further development of the game. Our aim is to deliver the most complete boxing game ever created. Early Access will help us refine and continually develop the game for final release.

However, this is also dependant on your feedback and ideas. We will not launch into final release until we are satisfied that the gameplay is as perfect as possible. We have a Roadmap which outlines some features which will be introduced post-launch.

This means more fighters, venues, game-modes, eSports Tournaments, additional commentary teams, reporters, presenters and much more. Career Mode – Taking your fighter from the amateurs, through to becoming champion of the world. During combat, our primary combat stats Strength, Agility, Stamina determine the general success rate for us to win against an opponent.

In Punch Club, our stats mean everything. Unlike most games, we do not control our character during fights here. Instead, we pick certain skills and abilities that we have learned throughout our journey, letting our avatar fend for himself according to his overall stats progression, including secondary ones too Energy, Hunger, etc.

Punch Club might not seem like a heavyweight title by itself, but its real charms come from the lure of its intriguing narratives and open-ended gameplay. As the name implies, we play as a customizable robot, fighting the AI or other players in arenas spanning multiple locations across different planets and space.

So off we go to either Battle or Warm-Up instead! Warm-Up is our typical exhibition mode while Battle is the competitive experience of the game — the real place where the mindless, chaotic fun starts! Combat feels fluid and prompt, and certain weapons are even thrown in for us to use against the AI once in a while. Quick Time Events QTEs can also occur during a bout, allowing us to chain simple button prompts in slow-mo.

In all honesty, though, those are actually part of its allure. The Thrill of the Fight is also a major hit amongst many PC gamers to date. An exclusive VR boxing game, The Thrill of the Fight was first released in but is still highly recommended by many in The game is possibly the best boxing simulator on the market right now, and the developer, Sealost Interactive, had done an immaculate job at fine-tuning all the gameplay aspects to mimic real-world scenarios as much as possible.

Our stamina and fortitude will literally be tested because matches are determined entirely on our ability to box and outpunch the opponent inside the ring. For example, we have no indicators to determine the current state of our opponents, forcing us to continue rounds until either we or the AI falls down first. Nevertheless, we can identify whether our jabs or hooks register effective damage or not via colored cues left behind after each punch.

For instance, a blue-colored glow appears after our punch deals good damage, while a grey hue denotes that our jabs do minimal effect because the opponent is blocking them properly or we just plainly suck at boxing!

The presentation of the game does leave a lot to be desired, feeling bland and outdated when compared to modern VR games in general. We might need some time to adjust to the difficulty curve of The Thrill of the Fight, though.

In fact, the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise even gave the game a rating of 5 out of 8 for potential calories burned per minute , which is equivalent to rowing in real-time! Featuring different opponents boasting distinct skillsets and personalities, expect loads of retries during your first few playthroughs.

The main attraction of Knockout League is not about its realism or simulation. Instead, it prides itself as a fun, casual boxing game that mainly focuses on humorous themes such as an octopus, Sir Octopunch, being one of our toughest opponents.

In-game, there are not many fighters to face off against, with only nine 9 characters awaiting us inside the ring. Still, the variety of their punches and special attacks provide an interesting challenge to spice our bouts around.

One primary downside of Knockout League is that footwork does not affect gameplay whatsoever, meaning that any tactical aspects of distance and maneuverability are thrown out the window.

Instead, we remain stationary throughout each fight; only our jabs and body sways to dodge attacks register as actual in-game locomotion. Knockout League is a light arcade game at heart, and that is gratifying enough for many of us to love it as it is. Sounds and ambiance are also excellent, with the crowd noise elevating the atmosphere as if there were real people cheering us on! As it stands, Knockout League is a great laid-back boxing game that offers a few hours of enjoyment while being a good alternative for light workouts too.

A hidden gem launched in September , Cyber Fight Challenge is an under-the-radar boxing game that is more akin to mainstream arcade fighting games, just like Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions. Art of Boxing is currently an early access title that was developed with more use of physics-based combat.

So far, fans seem to be pretty split on whether this is a game worth jumping into right now. In Real Boxing, players will be able to customize their fighter and work up the ranks of being a legendary heavyweight. The mechanics are pretty varied to allow players the ability to deal hooks, jabs, uppercuts, while also blocking against your opponent. Fight as one of 20 iconic characters from the Creed and Rocky movies. Take on world-class opponents across a variety of thrilling locations, or challenge your friends and family in intense, head-to-head matches.

Experience the pulse-pounding excitement of boxing with the cinematic thrill of a blockbuster movie in Creed: Rise to Glory. Go toe-to-toe with the worlds top opponents in this intense VR boxing experience that lets you train, fight, and win like Creed. Immersive Cinematic Universe Feel the excitement and adrenaline of high-stakes fights with reactive commentators, gritty visual effects, dynamic music, and knockout animations.

A surreal boxing quest with a duck! Test your reflexes as you fight your way through an evil corporation in search for retribution. Victory Road is a boxing simulator that uniquely puts you in the role of the coach, not the boxer! Raise your boxer and utilize various strategies to climb up the ranking board. Create your own gym, train boxers, and aim for the championship!


Game tinju pc

The Best Boxing Games for PC Windows · Olympic Boxing () · Cyber Fight Challenge () · Kokoro Ultimate () · Creed: Rise to Glory (). An action-simulation boxing game with NextGen visuals – featuring licensed boxers, institutions and governing bodies. Start from the bottom and work your.


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